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My Move to Canada

            This story is about my family's struggles and obstacles we went through to move from Pakistan to Canada. It was huge change in my life, and it affected us positively.
             It has been 4 years since I have been in my home country. It's a pleasant, welcoming, and a heartwarming place. My father decided to move on, and explore more opportunities in life. After a lot of research and exploring, we decided to move to Canada. Canada is known to be a great place for immigrants. It has more opportunities, diversity, and less racism.
             After 2 years of getting paperwork done, we were finally able to apply for permanent residence. During that time of waiting anxiously, my grandma passed away, and it was a really tragic moment in our lives. After that incident, we got our lives together, and started preparing for Canada. The process took longer than I thought it would, but in about 2 months I was on a plane to Canada with my family. It all seemed so unreal; it was almost that this whole journey was a dream. Everything was so different and unique. The environment, the people, and everything.
             The plane landed in Toronto, Canada, after a tiring 13 hours. We got off the plane through a jet bridge, and that's when it hit us; we actually made it, and we were here. It was the most fulfilling moment of my life, and I zoned out through the immigration check, and the security check. I walked outside the airport, and the air hit me. The air was so pure and fresh smelling. The sound of traffic and pollution was much less compared to back home. The site of people all pleasant and calm, really made my day a lot easier.
             We took a cab to the apartment, and our new neighborhood felt like home. The people, the environment, and everything was so similar. I was really disappointed because of this atmosphere. All of my feelings were just gone in a snap, even though this was my comfortable zone, but it wasn't what I expected. Again it was my comfortable zone, so I got around it really fast.

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