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Relationships and Social Media

            There's an old saying that love has its own time. It means being in a relationship doesn't make one knows how long his or her relationship is going to last. Sometimes people are in a short-term relationship sometimes they're in a long-term one and sometimes everything seems to happen so fast sometimes it's going slow. I think the saying still be able to describe how modern day relationships work but to be more realistic, now we are the one who have our own time in a relationship, more or less. We can control the time with the help of technology and social network. The time length of an interaction between people in a relationship gets shorter. .
             In the past, people only had three ways to keep in touch with their lover; speaking via telephone, writing letters and meeting but ever since human beings have been introduced to an instant message software, electronic letters or any social network it's becoming easier to talk, to flirt and to date, so why wait for meeting face to face while they can talk all the time with person they like wherever they want to even in their own bedroom and it doesn't seem to be inappropriate since the people on the other side is not in the room with them. Instant message software's strength is literally what it is called. It instantly sends a message from one person to the receiver. While writing a letters, citing poems to lovers and showing needs to see the lover's face are sweet, an instant message software or any modern technology gadget can sending a picture or asking someone out on a date immediately and knowing the other's response as soon as the other person send an answer. .
             But doesn't it seem to be too fast? Human use technology as a medium to interact with each other with high speed. Sometimes we don't think before we hit the send button and we can't take it back. When we write a mistake in letters, we can still erase it before we send them to a receiver.

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