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Euthanasia and the End of Life

             Hell, I could die while writing this essay, yet that doesn't determine the hand I had in the matter. Freedom of choice is what this country is built on, yet when it comes to physician assisted-suicide people turn pale at the thought of ending their own life, especially when it is your doctor helping you through it all. Death shouldn't be the first plan in mind, because the doctor should use every available opportunity in prolonging the life of a patient, although it may come down to it. A fair 55% percent of terminal patients die in pain, and medicine practitioners are doing everything they can as far as the law allows them. Those are the odds in play as imbalanced as they seem, and there isn't much to do about it. As scary as it may seem, the reality is that euthanasia is an escape for terminally ill patients, children, Alzheimer's, and other rare cases alike. The use of assisted-suicide has gone through the roof and opposing sides are doing what they can to preserve the very lives the same doctors are trying to assist into the afterlife. It should be your choice whether you live or you die, and now you can choose how. All over the world people begin measuring the worth of their live. It'd be great if everyone can live, but that's not likely with terminal patients. With that said, people should be able to die with some dignity.
             Dr. Donald Low wanted to die peacefully, with no surprises. As his condition grew worse he couldn't use his arms or legs, and didn't want his wife to see him in anymore pain or humiliation. I understand for her she is just helping the one she loves, but for him he feels like he has damned her to a life of caretaking for her husband. In Canada, physician assisted suicide isn't available in medical facilities. So requests Dr. Low made were rejected and he was forced to die in his wife's arms. He didn't want that to be the end, and honestly who does. My thoughts are more targeted at Canada, and how even after a plea to end his life was sent out on the World Wide Web, they couldn't help him.

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