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Society in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939

            Education of youth was a crucial element to the success of the Nazi regime during the years of 1933-1939. Education in the German society was used to indoctrinate and brainwash youth, in all different spheres of the German lifestyle. This use of implemented ideals was not only forced upon the youth themselves but had originated from the indoctrination of their teachers. In 1937, The National Socialist Teachers' League became officially enforced. National Socialism ideology claimed validity in its teaching and did not wish to be subject to the random formation of opinion. Those that opposed the Nazi way of teaching were fired and in extreme cases eliminated. Dr Burnhaud Rost wrote in the Times, 'the natural causes and effects of all racial and hereditary problems' and 'no boy or girl should leave school without a complete knowledge of the necessity and meaning of blood purity'. .
             In Germany, the choice to grow up in spirit of materialism or idealism, racism or internationalism, or religion of godlessness was no longer an option. This consciously shaped principles parallel to those of the Nazi ideology. By 1973, 97% of all teachers had adapted to the curriculum and syllabus and greater emphasis was placed on physical education; 15% of school time. Whilst, little importance placed on intellectual capabilities. Nevertheless, such subjects as history and biology were still central to the education system. New courses were also formed to further brainwash the children using Nazi ideology, such as, in biology, "Science of the Races." This course aimed to identify ethnic classification, population policy and racial genetics. A sure link to the Nazi party's regime of the formation of the Aryan race and the identification of Jews. In junior school, pupils were taught to be loyal to the regime; as flag hoisting and patriotic ceremonies increased in occurrence. In senior school, the glorification of Germany's past, in history studies, was emphasised as essential in their learning.

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