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The Global Warming Phenomenon

            Global warming is the gradual increase in the earth's average temperature of the atmosphere, which in the long history of the earth has occurred naturally but within the last century or so humans have now started to heat up the globe through their activities. At first thought it seems outrageous to state such a claim. Humans, a one of millions of species increasing the temperature of the earth. But when displayed with the evidence it leaves the fictional and becomes a definite possibility.
             Our earth stays at a fairly stable temperature and allows us humans and the millions of other species that we share this planet with to live. This is because of a natural process known as the greenhouse effect. As Britannica School explains, "Glass walls of a greenhouse hold heat inside the building by trapping warmed air, preventing heat loss via convection. In contrast, greenhouse gases absorb radiation emitted from the Earth's surface and direct it back to Earth, preventing radiant heat loss" (Britannica School, 2015). Humans, since the industrial revolution have been producing these greenhouse gasses that play a major part in the greenhouse effect. Since the industrial revolution there has been a huge spike in the amount of greenhouse gasses that are being released into the atmosphere (as seen in graph 1). Since there are more gasses in the atmosphere more heat is being trapped in and making the earth warmer. The more gas, the hotter the earth gets.
             Since the Industrial Revolution huge amounts of gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and halocarbons.
             "The primary human-produced source of carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. These fuels are widely used in electricity generation, transportation, and industry" ( Britannica School, 2015). The huge abundance of methane gas also came from the industrial revolution. It is an end product of different industrial process and the decomposition of rubbish.

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