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A Look at My Life

             I was born on October 8, 1992 in Berkeley Ca. I am the second oldest of a total of five kids. I grew up in a pretty healthy family. My mom was a housewife who was in charge of making sure everything was done for us at home while my dad worked in order to provide. I didn't have to worry about anything but school. My parents were always involved in all my school work and meetings. They also put me into sports to keep my mind occupied. I played soccer for about 4 years and at that time soccer was my life. .
             When I was about 14 years old, my parents decided to buy a house in Madera, Ca because my parents not only thought it would benefit us in the long run, but also because my dad seen that we were getting older and he wanted us to live in a better neighborhood and have a better lifestyle. As a teen if I didn't really agree on moving to Madera especially because I moved out there in the middle of the school year which made it hard for me to get situated and catch up to how schools worked out there. Everything in Madera was completely different than it was back home. I started having a lot of trouble with school work. I noticed my grades going down and I noticed that I was doing nothing after school to keep my mind busy. As time went by I realized that even though it was a nicer place in Madera, I wasn't really doing well because I started cutting school and lying to my parents every now and then. I would constantly get in trouble at school and at home. .
             I was a junior in high school when I found out I was having a baby. Days before I found out I was having a baby, my parents told me that we were losing the house and that we would be moving back to the bay area because my dad needed to find a better job. Before I even had a chance to tell my girlfriend that we were going to be leaving by the end of the school year, I got the news that I was going to be a dad. I felt like everything was coming down way to fast.

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