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Becoming a Civil Engineer

            The requirement of a growth mindset is all over the world but it is mostly asked for in the engineering field. I am currently studying for Civil Engineer and with every day I learn something new. I try to remember what I can but always know there is room for improvement every time. This is no easy route not because of the growth mindset because anyone can develop a growth mindset but because it requires commitment and dedication to the fullest. Since this is not an easy career to pursue I still chose to pursue it because I was interested in that field and I love a challenge. I don't know how long pursuing this would take but with this helping me in every way possible is what I wanted from a career. Civil engineering teaches one how to think how to solve problems, how to see certain layouts differently then other engineers, how to adapt to different problems giving, and to be able to know a little of every branch of engineering even though it is not what I am studying. The skills needed and the quality of work in this area has no room for error so almost every work piece has to be slightly close to perfection. Very much intelligence is needed but also working well with others because engineering is not a one man work for it needs so many types of engineering to be involved in the creation of a project. Any one in the world can get in to the field of study/work field of engineering all it takes is dedication and time because it will not be easy at all. This choice of field would show who is interested in this job, who knows how to work with challenges, develop leadership, think critically, visualize, communicate and acquire technical and project management skills, the intelligence required of a growth mindset as well as how one has to think while in performance in the workforce. A growth mindset for an engineer would be of that to never give up when one cannot find the answer to a problem or even when one cannot build a certain part or the dimensions are wrong one has to be able to over come adversity.

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