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Civil Engineering

             When you grow up you really do not know what you want to be until you get into college or the end of your senior year in high school. Every little kid wants to be an astronaut or a princess if you are a girl. You do not realize that those jobs are for the select few people who have the smarts or are born into a certain type of family to attain that kind of job. When a kid gets to be about thirteen or fourteen years old they realize they can not be a princess or an astronaut and they have to decide what they want in there life and where they want it to take them.
             I realized that I wanted to be a Civil Engineer at an early age. I found out what my uncle did for a living and it interested me. We sat down on his couch and talked about what he did during his job and what a person would need to get into a field like he is in. We talk for an hour before dinner and for about two hours after dinner. I was very interested in what he did and I wanted to find out as much as I could about his job. For the next couple of times I went over his house I would ask him what he has been doing in his job. We would sit and talk for most of the day and I would be learning much.
             I learned that to become a Civil Engineer you have to work very hard in college and get very good grades. There are many classes that a person must take to get the proper information on what you need to be a Civil Engineer. First you must me an expert in mathematics. Calculus is a very important aspect of Engineering in general. If you do not know Calculus then there is no hope for you in the field of Engineering. In college you must take three full years of learning Calculus. The same applies to science. Science is also the second major half in becoming an engineer. If you do not know Physics then you can not become a good engineer. The things that you learn in college are very important to becoming a successful engineer.
             A Civil Engineer makes very good money right from the start of there job.

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