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The Conducive Classroom Environment

            What is a conducive classroom environment? Conducive classroom is a pivotal linchpin in promoting a favorable mood or atmosphere in a classroom to ensure an effective teaching and learning process to take place. A learning environment is a combination of social and physical qualities that create the classroom experience. It includes not only with the classroom management procedures, as well as the way the space is organized, furnished and maintained" (Firestone, n.d). In addition, a safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. Cebu Normal University Room MPX 232 has the integral features in creating a conducive classroom environment.
             The room is spacious, has tiled floors, sufficient number of doors and covered by glass windows which admit fresh air and light in them with free circulation. It also has adequate number of fans in the white ceilings in working conditions so as to make summer heat and suffocation in monsoons bearable which could work as outlets for impure air. Adequate ventilation is equally important in classrooms as lighting. Lighting in a room is said to be appropriate if a student can read ordinary type at a distance from the eye in every part of the room. Room MPX 232 also contains artificial light such as fluorescent tubes which provide light uniformly to the entire room without throwing shadows. This will make students of Room MPX 232 in well-ventilated and lighted environment perform significantly better on their learning experience.
             The MPX room 232 has technology facilities which provide the best possible learning environment for students such as built-in overhead projector with the white screen and outlets. Although educators see positive effects of technology when applied to the education process but still we do not get away with the traditional facilities that are invented to support teaching and learning process in the absence of electricity.

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