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Advertising - Class and Cars

            Throughout history, automobile advertisements have been a staple in American culture. Beginning with the first advertisement for the Winton Motor Carriage in Scientific American: "Dispense with a horse and save the expense, care and anxiety of keeping it," car advertisements have been used to attract different populations of consumers. Looking back, many members in upper class society switched from the laborious horse drawn carriage, to a more sophisticated alternative around the early 1900's. This trend began in the late 1800's when Alexander Winton sold over 100 automobiles as a result of effective advertisements placed through various media outlets including but not limited to Scientific American, The Horseless Age and Cleveland's well known major newspaper The Plain Dealer. It wasn't until 10 years later that advertisements for the more affordable Model-T began to surface that appealed to the middle class. Today, there are countless car advertisements that appeal to the various classes in society. From the Toyota Corolla, which generally attracts the more economical buyer, to the Cadillac CTS that appeals to a more affluent buyer, a plethora of advertisements exist to entice targeted potential customers. These advertisements use specific techniques to help consumers understand why a specific car fits their particular needs.
             Cadillac describes the 2015 Cadillac CTS-V coupe as "The Power of Elegance." With its unique body style, and sleek design, this car represents the epitome of elegance and class. While this ad may not showcase people visibly enjoying the product, the elements of this ad are no doubt aesthetically pleasing. The ad features the car parked alone with a black and silver back drop. The simplicity of the ad suggests that the CTS-V is in a league all of its own. The style, luxury, and uniqueness of the vehicle provides the consumer with the confidence in knowing that with the purchase of this vehicle, you'll make a bold yet sophisticated entrance and exit, as the ad so eloquently states.

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