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The Seriousness of Climate Change

            Global warming tends to be seen as a myth to many people in today's society. They see people who only think and care about the polar bears in the North Pole. However these people who care about climate change understand the affects it has on the earth. On the contrary these same people aren't taking action for this global crisis. For the truth is the problem at hand is only solvable with people who understand and are willing to take action. Often times people tend to steer clear of problems they do not understand. Also, this issue is not something that is easily seen or able to spot, which is a good reason as to why climate change and environmental problems need to be brought to the surface. Global warming deserves to be taken seriously because it could cause a lot of damage to this planet.
             When it comes to the topic of climate change, many Americans will readily agree that it's a worldwide problem to which needs help to solve. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of how seriously we should take the situation. Whereas some are convinced that it's not the first on all of our to-do lists, others maintain that the subject needs to be handled immediately so it doesn't grow. But why aren't some people taking climate change as seriously as others? Dr. Neil Gavin, researcher of communication and politics, studied the media and how it affects the views of climate change. " the way media handles issues like climate change shapes the public's perception of its importance. Limited coverage is unlikely to convince readers that climate change is a serious problem that warrants immediate and decisive action." (Gavin) Dr. Neil stresses the importance of media to form the views of today's society on climate change. However, this is for almost anything in the public today, not just climate change but the fact that the coverage for climate change in the media is very small is a huge drawback in taking the matter seriously.

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