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Make a change!

            I wake up every day thinking that I would not succeed in this life. I start panicking, I start worrying, and as what normal humans would do to ease their tensions, is well to cry our hearts out. Crying hurts, it makes our whole body heat up and boil on the inside. It's definitely not the best way to start the day, but I still do it, knowing that it is bad for my body. Wait a minute! What? Did I just say that I still cry every morning? Well, no I do not. I have changed. Yes, I said it. I have changed. I have changed indeed, to be a better person. Now, my life is not perfect, and this is definitely not a sad little pitiful story that will have all of you tearing up. No, I just want to say that we can live our lives the way we want to. Yes you may have heard this line billions of times before. But it really works! Waking up and knowing that there is still hope to make things better is really one of the best feelings ever. I have the right to say this because well, everyone has rights as to what they think is right; as long as those rights are for the best of humanity and society. Then, it's all good.
             Yeah, some might be saying that I am only 17 and I've barely even had a touch of the hardships of the real world. Where your life depends on getting a job, taking care of the family or even worrying about how or what you're going to complete for your next project. Well it's true I'm only 17, but it's at this age where we finally mature and make good decisions. I am currently at a point in my life where I have to decide whether I want to be the successful person I've always dream t off, or be the sad pitiful cry baby, where I blame others for all the failures that I have been through.
             I would say that I'm smart but dumb at the same time. I am a failure at my studies. I have failed many times that it has been uncountable. It is very sad indeed, especially when you find out that some people are able to get one hundred percent in those subjects.

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