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My Project Pride Experince

            Project Pride was an eye opening experience. What I heard that night was not what I was expecting. Everyone who told a story that night can make anyone feel something. The first person we heard from was a man named Erik. Erik decided to have a few drinks at a wedding and then decided to drive afterwards. Driving drunk late at night can make you tired which is one of the many reasons why it is so dangerous. Erik fell asleep while driving. He didn't realize when he woke up what he had done he just thought he crashed. What he didn't realize right away is that he killed someone. He explained how horrible jail is and when his grandma still comes and visits him she still cries even after all the years he has been in jail. This just shows how much being in jail effects family members. The next speaker was Travis. Travis was a talented football player when he was younger, and he loved it. In tenth grade was his turning point. He started off smoking marijuana. That led to other drugs like pills. Pills turned into selling all sorts of drugs. When he was using he was very violent with his family. He wouldn't listen to anything they told him. He said he should of all along. Because of Travis's multiple criminal backgrounds, he was put in jail. Keeta was the next speaker. Keetas story had the most effect on me. She grew up in Jersey City which really is not a great town to live in. But most of her life she was moved in and out of foster homes. Her mother is a drug addict which is one of the reasons why she was in and out of foster homes. In school she had dyslexia which really made school hard for her. No teachers wanted to help her even learn because of how bad it was. Because of her hard life she really knew a lot about the "streets" which got her into trouble. At the time of her arrest she was in a foster family. Her foster cousins had called her for a ride one day but she didn't know they just got done robbing a house and a shooting when she picked them up.

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