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America and the Revolutionary War

            American values, such and freedom and democracy, are hardwired into every American citizen. These values were created when British citizens sailed across the vast Atlantic looking for new opportunities such as religious freedom. From 1607 to 1763 these values of freedom and the right to do virtually what ever they wanted were left unchecked by the royal crown. This caused a sense of isolationism that grew on the Americans and once the British became checking these rights, a revolution occurred. The Revolutionary War was not a culmination of change in a span of 150 years, rather it was a struggle to conserve American values that were brought over with the colonies that existed up till 1763. In addition, the British were Revolutionary by asserting authority on a tradition of freedom. One can make the claim that America values were practiced without due interference by explaining several key events prior to 1763. .
             The creation of colonies in the New World gave lower class citizens in Great Britain a chance to start fresh. They could escape religious persecution, or come to the New World for new economic advances. This sense of freedom from the crown allowed many individuals to risk their lives to come over. Thus the first two colonies were formed in Jamestown in 1607, and Plymouth in 1620. "In 1606 King James I chartered a joint-stock enterprise called the Virginia Company, with two divisions, the First Colony of London and the Second Colony of Plymouth".1 These colonies were both set up on two different ideas, one being purely monetary gain, and the other for religious beliefs. After these colonies were set up, many Britain's left the mother country to come to American for a new sense of freedom. The freedom to escape the hard times in England and the ability to start fresh, if you could survive the trip over, the new world presented a new degree of freedom. No longer was there the west or east end of London, both sides could live together side by side with out any of the labels.

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