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The McUniversity - Organization, Management and Academic Subjectivity

            In their article, Parker and Jary discuss the New Higher Eduction reform within universities in the UK. Throughout the article, the authors are focusing only on the university teachers labour and their managers. New Higher Eduction has grown from a need in efficiency and improvement in university management and structure. Likewise, there were also financial matters. Budgets were too big and needed to be reduced. This reform (NHE) caused changes in the structure of the universities systems - they have become more bureaucratic. From the authors point of view, governmental and financial changes have decreased the academics independence and raised the management competence. Parker & Jary suggest a solution to improve the high education in the UK. They have come up with a three-layer model called an  'ideal type', in order to create changes in three different levels: The first one is national-structural. At this level the authors are interested in making a financial change and to change the way a university operates. The second level is organizational. In this level the authors refer to tactical changes within the universities structure. The last level; professional-subjective is about taking actions and setting targets in purpose to increase the competition between academics and about academics empowerment. These levels will be used as tools in order to create an alternative concept of the New Higher Eduction. .
             As stated in the article, New Higher Eduction is based on increasing managerial power and reducing academics control. This has effects and consequences on the university as an organization. The independence is taken away from the academics so they could be easily controlled and observed. This new approach has led to bureaucratic changes within the universities structure as an organization. The managers control and surveillance has been put in the spotlight.

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