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Adventures of a Hero - Luke Skywalker

            Joseph Campbell's perception of a hero's journey begins with a primary series of steps called the Adventure of the Hero. Many narrative heroes use all or many of these steps. One particular character is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. In his journey to become a Jedi he goes through these initial stages.
             Luke Skywalker lives with his aunt and uncle on a farm. Luke wants to be a pilot but his uncle has been holding him back from joining the academy so that Luke can help out on the farm. In order to get enough hands to compensate for Luke's departure they must purchase droids to work on the farm. This is where he meets R2-D2, a droid that the family purchases from some space creatures called the Jowas. R2-D2 contains a message from a women name Princess Leia. In the message, she is addressing a man named Obi-wan Kenobi. Luke figures that she means Ben Kenobi, who is an old man that lives on Luke's planet. Luke decides that he will go later to look for Ben and figure out what the message is about. However, R2-D2 is determined to find Obi-wan Kenobi as soon as possible and ends up leaving in the night to find him. Luke finds the droid the next day but is unfortunately attacked by savage creatures called the Sand People. They prepare to kill him but he is saved by Ben Kenobi who happens to be passing by. Ben listens to the message that R2-D2 is holding and informs Luke that he is going to find Princess Leia and he wants Luke to help him. At this moment, the first step of Campbell's journey of a hero takes place, called the Call to Adventure. Here, Luke is faced with the choice of whether to join Ben Kenobi on his quest to save Princess Leia or stay on the farm to help his uncle. .
             Luke has never been anywhere else but his farm. He has no knowledge of the outside would and by leaving his farm he would be heading into the unknown. Knowing this, Luke declines Ben's offer. This is where the next step takes place, the Refusal of Call.

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