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One World, Many Colors

            Minorities are often given poorer housing, inferior education, not given a job or promotion. Judgement based on the outer appearance has been a predicament for decades. Lanre Akinsiku discusses the aches that African/American people undergo in the united states, in his article "The Price of Blackness." Lots of people have lost their confidence, hope, and happiness in life, because of how badly they're treated by others. "Don't judge a book by its cover", I wish that this quote is applied in the real life. A lot of problems emerged of outer appearance, that of fear, racism, and jealousy. Unfortunately, one's outer appearance defines what people think of them, and this generates many disputes among people.Men,women, and children of all orientations, races, ethnicities and backgrounds are subject to unjust discrimination everyday of their lives;therefore, a solution must be found before it destroys more lives.
             Not all people have positive self image, so sometime by judging others , we'd be pulling the trigger to their head.Too many people hide behind their shadows, and are not strong enough to go in public like what happy people do. This is all due to their low self-image. In my opinion, these people can't be blamed, not in this harsh unfair life anyway. In extreme cases, making people feel bad about themselves can lead to depression and worse, suicide. What's the point of having someone with the perfect looks, and style, with a heart full of hatred? In the long run, outer-look is like a painting, there will be a time where people are bored of your appearance, and what's left is your value and your inner beauty. It's very easy to criticize and judge someone, but not as easy for the person who is subjected to humiliation because he/she lacks the "perfect" looks. Some people are very talented , and have special personalities, but they're not appearing in public in fear that they know they're going to be mocked at because they belong to a certain ethnic group, or don't have luxuries which others own.

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