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My Modified Dreams

            One could argue that a person's background defines who they are as a human being. However, in other situations, someone's background or childhood could inspire them to make drastic changes that will later immensely improve their lives. Luckily for myself, I have had the privilege of being raised in an environment in which I have the freedom to express myself truly, and learn so much about what is going on in today's world. My world has shaped me into the conscientious young woman I currently am and continuing to grow into. Without the influence of my parents on my daily life, I am sure my mindset and my dreams would be quite different. .
             To others, I'm sure my world seems strange and unusual because most modern families don't live a lifestyle like my family, and I do. In my eyes, my world couldn't make any more sense. I come from a family of hippies, for the most part. When my mother separated my father and found my stepdad, she blossomed into who she truly was the entire time, and that changed some things. She made it her ultimate duty to help my sister, and I understand the potential risk factors of all things. While doing so she also taught us to appreciate our home, and use its natural resources. In my household, I am surrounded by all things that are healthier for you in any way. By this, I am talking about foods and even regular household products. My mother only shops for groceries at the Co-Op or the farmers market and has made me quite aware of issues involving the use of pesticides on crops, and the genetic engineering of foods. These are huge issues that not many people in the United States are aware of, and this needs to change. .
             On account of my mom beginning to shop locally and organically, I became much more aware and concerned as to what was in my food and where it came from. I am constantly trying to wrap my brain around the fact that there are dozens of unnecessary chemicals being sprayed on foods that would be perfect without.

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