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The road map to a better enviroment.

            The following discussion aims at providing design descriptions that provide communities with a significant overview of the crucial steps effectively needed to establish and develop consensus on community health and main environmental concerns while at the same time take the necessary actions to reduce them. This roadmap means that the structured roadmap strengthens communities to take the specified actions to reduce the mentioned risks as first as they can (Goldman & Coussens, 2007). These steps duly include the establishment of a partnership, the critical identification of community concerns, the community vulnerability reorganization, asset identification, immediate action identification, accurate and reliable information, impacts and risk ranking and the possible identification of solutions. .
             Building a Partnership.
             This involves the setting up of a collaborative partnership that will represent a larger perspective of interests that is duly able to distinguish and categorize environmental impacts and risks, integrate all the significant resources needed to maintain and achieve the community objectives while at the same time building consensus. This step assists one to achieve the rest of the objectives in the procedure.
             Identification of Community Concerns.
             This roadmap procedure is mandated with the recognition of the environment, health and other related economic and social anxieties of the community as a whole (Roach, 2002). Here the assessment of health risks are carried out and are usually facilitated by the environmental factors to be analyzed. It involves the cumulative and comprehensive assessment of the various environmental factors relating to health issues. .
             Community Vulnerability Identification.
             Through this procedure, the necessary stakeholders can recognize and analyze the possible community vulnerabilities that are capable of increasing peril from the ecological stressors attributed to the communal vulnerability rather than harmful ecological features that may pollute the environment.

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