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Letter to Myself: First Semester of College

             Today is my first day of classes at New Paltz and it has been a good day. My roommate and I were worried about classes and what would be required of us, but so far, we are fine. Within the next four years, I am hoping to walk out of here with the knowledge and skills to be able to get a job in the education field.
             The one course that I know I will have to really focus on and put effort into is English. One thing that I have always been told is that I have to expand my thoughts and ideas in order to improve my writing. I am hoping I will learn how to do that in the course. One of my greatest weaknesses is waiting until the last possible moment to complete an assignment just because I do not want to write the paper. This year I am going to learn how to manage my time and try to have the writing assignments done day before they are due, that way I have time to read the assignments over and make any changes that it may need. One way I will balance all my workload is by setting aside enough time to complete each task. When I have an hour and a half between two classes, instead of going back to my dorm and watching TV, I can get a jump-start on any assignments I may have that way the material is still fresh in my mind.
             Throughout my high school career, I have only had one teacher that claimed that my writing was not good enough. It was my twelfth grade AP English teacher, and he would write on all my papers that I needed to expand my thoughts more and tell the reader more. I remember working on a paper of mine for the class with my English teacher from tenth grade who I had created a bond with because she is the one that told me to stick with AP English instead of dropping it like my mom wanted me to do. I worked on the paper with my old English teacher and the paper was about a book we had just finished reading in class, Othello. I worked on the paper for a while and even after I had finished it, I went through it again and added little details here and there in order to better the paper.

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