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Amir in The Kite Runner

            "Listening to them, I realize how much of who I was, what I was, headband find my barber in the marks he had left on people's life." (Hosseini 174) Amir has a lot of success and failures in his life that are influenced by many important people. He starts off being loving which is due to rahim Kahn. Then he is friendly and builds a friendship with Hassan and his father baba but jealousy gets in the way. Lastly he is disloyal and dishonest to people and his self. Amir's characterization is portrayed as loving,friendly,jealous, and disloyal which has built who Amir is today based on interactions with Rahim Kahn, family, and Hassan. .
             Firstly, Amir's success as a loving Individual was influenced by Rahim Kahn. Rahim gives Amir all the love and attention that baba never gave him. Amir says, "As always, it was Rahim Kahn who rescued me." ( ) He also encouraged Amir to continue writing novels and stories, something babe never did. Amir felt important when he received a letter saying, Amir Jan, I enjoyed your story very much. Mashallah, God has granted you a special talent, Bravo!" ( ) When Rahim told Amir Bravo it inspired him to keep writing and was the best compliment any editor has ever paid him. Amir has such success when Rahim is around due to his faith and hope for Amir. Rahim showed Amir that ," there is a way to be good."(2) Rahim was closest to Amir when he was younger. .
             Secondly, Amir begins to adapt to friendship. As he matures and learns that his father is always there for him, he begins to understand the true meaning of friendship. Amir says, "I wasn't going to fail baba. Not this time." ( ) When Hassan and his father Ali leave , Amir feels as if he has gained something that he never had before, a father. So, "Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win baba. (77) Now that baba is with him at all times, he tries his best to show him he's the greatest. He will do anything just so he won't lose his father.

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