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The Impact of GMO Foods

            Technological methods have be used to cultivate food for many years. GMO food is food that is produced with high technological methods. There is no denying that GMO food signifies that agricultural methods has made huge progress. Scientists combine genes from different species of food to create new foodstuff with higher yields, more nutritional factors and ecological value. People worry about GMO food can damage organic producers' profits. In addition, the safety and negative impacts of GMO food on the environment must be considered. However, these are not real risks of GMO food. There is lots of evidence can be used to indicate that GMO food has many advantages, include high yields, more nutritional factors and less negative environmental impacts, which is why GMO food can replace organic food.
             First of all, High yields is one significant feature of GMO food. With the advance of genetically modified technologies, the yield of crops is getting higher. According to the statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S corn yield in 2014 has been more than two times than 1960's yield (United Stated Department of Agriculture, 2015. pp. 3). Food shortage has become a huge challenge facing third world countries. GMO food can be used by these countries to provide these people who are living in third world countries more food. This is an effective way to address the food shortage in third world countries (Savage, 2011, pp. 2). Meanwhile, High yield of GMO food also contributors to the decreasing price of food (Fernandez, 2004, pp. 3). Although, the high yield of GMO food brings so many benefits to us, there are still some people believe that organic food is better than GMO food. They regard the high yield of GMO food as a threat to organic farms. More people start to grow GMO food because GMO food has higher yield. Organic farms will disappear due to that reason. This is not true.

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