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Apple iOS and Google Android

            The battle between Apple's iOS and Google's Android is one of the most talked about wars in mobile technology today. Both operating systems started around the same time, and they both have undergone a number of changes to make them more fluid and secure. Android, in particular, has taken over and dominated the market. This battle has gotten to the point that the battle is no longer between the phone manufacturers; Samsung is by far the largest maker and supplier of Android phones for nearly every price range. The true competition is between the operating systems themselves, but which one truly reigns supreme? The battle is simply too close to call. Both Android and iOS have their strengths and weaknesses, so it really comes down to your personal preference.
             You've no doubt seen the stories of people lining up days or weeks before the release of a new iPhone. What makes these devices special? One feature that iOS has over Android is ease of use. It's much easier to pick up the iOS operating system than it is the Android operating system. Furthermore, all Apple devices use the same operating system, which is a stark contrast to the fractured ecosystem that Android uses. In addition, updates are generally released for all Apple devices around the same time. Some Android devices are quicker to get updates than others, but Android lags considerably behind iOS in that regard. You could pick five Android devices, and all of them could .
             potentially have different versions of the same system; this will never be the case with iOS. Applications also load faster on iOS than on Android; Android devices tend to hang up or freeze when running multiple applications at once. iOS may be much better with the ease of use and simplicity, but Android has some clever tricks up its sleeve as well.
             Those little green men have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Why have they become so popular? One of the biggest advantages Android has over iOS is customization.

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