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Over-Hyping Grit as a Student Success Factor

            In her article "Researchers: Don't Over- Hype Grit as Students Success Factor", Jane Stancill states that students should not be blamed for their success or failure solely because of mindsets. Although mindset does play a significant role in whether a student will persevere after a failure or he/she will give up. A growth mindset should be taught to students at a young age, when they are in fourth or fifth grade, by having their teacher praise them for the effort that they put in and by creating programs for students. .
             Mindset should be taught at a young age because that is when kids are willing to learn more and can easily adapt to new ways of learning. As Carol S. Dweck stated in her article, kids can be taught to have a growth mindset by praising them for "their effort, their strategies, their concentration, their perseverance, or their improvement" (3). This will not only help boost student's confidence in a classroom setting but also help improve their grades. Students need to realize that if they put in enough effort into something, they can achieve anything they want whether it is an A on paper or teacher's award. Many students felt as if "school [is] a place where they performed and were judged" (Dweck, 4). This can be problematic because students should think that a school is a place where they can learn and grow. This type of thinking will encourage and motivate students to adopt better ways of studying to ensure that they achieve the grades they want. After learning the growth mindset, their way of looking at school will change and allow them to perform better. .
             Creating programs that teach young students about the growth mindset will enhance their abilities to learn. Jane Stancill talks about a psychological intervention "a single 30-minture online exercise" which would aim at students' ability to increase their learning (1). Such programs will change the way students think and allow them to create a growth mindset at a young age.

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