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            One of the biggest adjustments for college students is knowing how to manage their time. The old saying "work before play" is something that many college students have a hard time with. However, students must adapt to this to be successful. With so many campus activities around you have to learn what your priorities are first, (ex. schoolwork) then go and join the activities. In addition, sometimes you have to set aside the things that are least important and do the things that are useful and helpful.
             When you get out of your last class you say to yourself, "Well I could save my homework for later on and do it after I come back from the mall," but you shouldn't proceed with that thought always do your school work first. Getting your work done early will prevent you from having a headache later. From personal experiences while here at Ashland University, I can admit that I have made some unwise choices on homework. For example, everyday I get out of class at about 1:50 p.m. On some days, I have excess homework and instead of going into my dorm and getting the homework done, I will go to the other girls` rooms on my floor and laugh, and talk until about 7:00 p.m. Consequently, none of my homework gets done. Nevertheless, it always work out where whoseever room that I am in nine times out of ten they have completed their assignments and they have the free time to sit around and laugh, and go out to the mall and things like that. Also, when you are going out with a friends late at night and have nothing done as far as homework, know that most of the time they have their work done, and you"re the one who is stuck having to go back to your room and do class work that should have been done earlier. "Work before play" is to your benefit if it is done properly. Nonetheless, time management is always a difficult turning point in college. However, with practice this is something that will come naturally with time.

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