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             The environment in which I've grown up in has thought me to see the world in various angles. My parents and the experiences in high school have been my primary teachers in life. One thing that has been a great lesson to me has been the fact of life giving a second chance. I"m a firm believer that life always gives everyone a second chance, but sometimes unfortunately we either miss or lose that chance. The lucky ones are those who receive a third opportunity. I"m not one of these lucky people, but the experiences in high school have thought me not to miss those second chances. For instance, when I had to transfer on my senior year I loss the opportunity to lead my former football team to get to the playoff, but I had a second chance to reach my full potential and get to the playoff with a new team. My parents have raised me to be independent, and receive nothing that does not require hard work. I've raised all four of my brothers since their birth, which this has showed the responsibility and toughness in life. Due to the fact of me being the oldest among my brothers, I've had to be very careful of my action, and any decision I may take. This has forced me to be open-minded, cautious, a leader, and have moral principle. For example, I had a habit of swearing for any given reason at any given time. My mom warns me that this will cause my brothers to swear, and lose my respect toward others. So I promise her that I will lose the bad habit. Now the only time I"ll swear is during football games, and I try to keep it to a minimum. I know that these characteristics will be useful when I attend college. As an engineer I"m aware that one must be an open-minded, leader, and positive person. Engineering as been a .
             passion inside of me since I've been a toddler. My mom has pictures of me building various things with my Lagos. As I got older my love for Mathematics and Science kept increasing. A dream that I've had is to become an engineer; now to be the chief engineer of a major automobile company is a milestone that I've set for myself.

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