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Church and State

             Everyday people hear about evolution and what it is. It is nothing new in fact it started in the beginning of time. In the 1920's if people were caught teaching it they would be put in jail. Even though people today have Bibles to read, they still believe in evolution. .
             Webster defines evolution as "a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations." Scientists came up with the idea that we as humans came from monkeys. If in fact we came from monkeys then where are our tails and why haven't monkeys now, change into humans. .
             By origin, however, is not understood the production or emergence of the substance and of the cause or causes of things, but that of the forms in which they appear to the observer. Sometimes the term is vaguely used to cover absolute origin in the sense just excluded. A moment's reflection will make it clear that such a view can never secure a place in the realm of pure science. The problem of ultimate origin is not one that science can solve. If it is solved at all, it must be by purely philosophical as distinguished from scientific or scientific-philosophical methods. Evolution, therefore, must be viewed in science purely and strictly as a process of orderly change in the form of things. As such it assumes the existence of substance or substances and of a force or forces working its successive transformations. What does the Bible say about evolution and the origin of the universe?.
             The Bible says that God is the Creator of the universe. Just how did God create the earth? Some say that there was a sudden explosion and the universe appeared. Others say God started the process, and the universe evolved over billions of years. Almost every ancient religion has its own story to explain how the earth came to be. And almost every scientist has an opinion on the origin of the universe.

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