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Opinion essay

            In my opinion I agree with the view of human character from which the Iroquois portray in this myth. One world is the crooked mind and the other is the straight mind, like the left-handed twin and the right-handed twin. .
             To me the world is separated into good and evil. The good is basically the straight mind. For example someone that helps someone out with his or her homework is doing an act of kindness, which is labeled as a good person. Also for example some one that respects others like the right-handed twin is good. The evil is the crooked minded. Like if someone is a murderer like the left-handed twin or hurts any body’s feelings in any way that person is evil.
             Since the world is divided into these human characteristics the world becomes balanced out. There is no in-between between good and evil. No one can kill a person and then feel bad for it or like the left-handed twin his mind was never straight. Though this happens since the twin never had a mind straight he made medicine for witchcraft but it ended up saving people’s lives today. Also the right-handed twin killed the other twin for good but he made a criminal act at the same time.
             These balances also created the twins trying to always conquer one another that lead to the creation of earth. Like in the world today these are everyday acts. Industries are always trying to beat each other so they create bigger and better things day by day. For example the twins were trying to kill each other’s nature, which lead to the creation of animals. Also because of their constant contest the right-handed twin killed the left-handed twin and created sunset. They somewhat helped one another. The straight mind helps the crooked and the crooked mind teaches straight mind to be stronger.
             In the end the way in which this myth portrays the world is incredibly true to me. I completely agree with their way of thinking. Without these two characteristics in the world, which may never be combined, the earth may never prosper.

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