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Malcom X Essay

             To Separate or Not to Separate, That is the Question.
             When someone hears the term racism in America the thought that comes to mind is the racial conflict between black and white. From the moment the first boat with an origin from Africa docked at a U.S. port and let of the first slave this horrible conflict began. White Americans sold, traded, and imprisoned slaves and made them work sun up to past sun down seven days per week doing grueling physical labor. By making the slaves be slaves the white people were showing the blacks no respect and with each order taken the salves held more contempt for their so called owners. That is the basic gist of how black vs. white racism began in this country and we all know exactly just how bad it became and that it has still not disappeared to this day. Racism was a large part of the life of civil rights leader Malcolm X and also for people of black towns in Oklahoma. With racism being the most hideous civil rights injustice known to date in America, here is a look at how these African American's view these acts of hate that were not only acted against them individually but their entire heritage and why they may or may not be opposed to having white people involved in their lives.
             There have been many powerful leaders of the civil rights movement in America. These leaders include Dr. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, and Malcolm X. In 1965 Malcolm X's autobiography was published which was shortly after his assassination at the hands of Three Black Muslims on February 20 1965. .
             Malcolm X spent many years of his adult life as a civil rights activist following in the footsteps of his father who preached the words of Marcus Garvey. Garvey was the leader and founder of the "Back to Africa" movement. Malcolm's father used his power as a preacher to spread Garvey's word and encourage all blacks to return to their roots in Africa. Malcolm X describes the pain and suffering that he and his family felt because of his fathers preaching's.

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