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The Federalist Papers

             The Constitution is the world's oldest working national charter, but it wasn't originally accepted so easy. When the framers were first writing the document, some agreed with what it said and thought there was enough balance between power of the people and power of the officials and others disagreed feeling it left the government too powerful. So, in order to help people change their minds, a group of people known as the Federalists wrote different arguments that helped explain how the Constitution is what the new nation would need to run effectively. .
             The Federalists labeled the Constitution the characteristic of being the servant of the people. They argued that the new document would fall between being too strong and being too weak and that it would fall in between giving the edge towards the people. They've already seen that a tyrannical government couldn't work, such as Britain, and that a government that was too weak would not work as well, as under the Articles. The Federalists knew that the main problem to address was that of conflicting viewpoints on who's to say what is right on issues that were voted upon or discussed. They argued that under the Constitution both minorities and majorities would be represented. The way in which they would be represented would be by state, that each would have two senators and no more than one representative for every thirty-thousand people. The reason why they labeled it as to serve the people is because of the House of Representatives. The House has officials elected directly by the people to help represent them, their opinions, and their problems. In order to make sure that the elected officials of the House did not become too corrupt or deviate from the peoples wants and needs, they were elected to only two year terms and if they did a good job they could be re-elected or if they didn't do a good job they weren't in office for that long.

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