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A Popular Essential:The machine that changed us all

            What is the one technological item that most people own or want to own? What is the one item that helps run most of the United States? The answer to both of those questions is the computer. The first digital computer was created in1642 by Blaise Pascal. He built it to help his father, who was tax collector. This computer added numbers by entering them in with dials. The computer today is nothing compared to the first computer. People today rely a lot on computers. Computers are popular in today's society because they can be use for business, personal, and entertainment reasons. .
             Most businesses are revolved around computers. Production and inventory is easier with computers. Companies in with make products have to do inventory. Every time a product is brought and rung up on a cash register, a computer keeps track how many of the same item is sold. Inventory can be done faster and less stressful. Computers are also used to design products. Designers for companies use computer programs to design a product. The product can be as little as a ring or as big as a vehicle. Factory machines used in companies are mostly run by computer systems. The machines are programmed to perform jobs that a person could do. The disadvantage of the machines is that it causes people to lose their jobs. The advantage of the machines is that it works faster than human hands especially on assembly line. Computers aid businesses with their marketing. Business companies that make products need to have an on-line catalog. Most major department stores also have on-line stores. The on-line stores offer the same products and opportunities or even more than the actual store. By having an on-line catalog it allows customers to order from their homes or work. Accessibility to products is easier with computers. Customers can sit at home and order products and can be delivered to their doorstep in a matter of days.

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