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             Although culture is defined as the whole of customary beliefs, social forms, attitudes, behavior patterns, values, goals, and practices socially transmitted and shared by a group of people it is also a term that implies deeper meaning. Culture is something that is essential. In a way, it makes up who and what you are. Culture is not only part of who and what you are it is where and to whom you belong. It is based on the uniquely human capacity to classify experiences to then encode those classifications in a symbolic form and go on to teach those deductions to others. .
             Culture is embedded in a person's way of life but is not entirely who you become. I believe that there is more than one factor that takes part in a person's transformation to adulthood. Certainly, the most influential one is family. Family entices culture to flourish, but I don't think is necessarily the means of creating it. .
             However, family is able to influence a person's cultural mind set. For example, if your family has a high appreciation for culture, and educates you well by reinforcing certain behavioral norms, then these positive reinforcements are likely to instill a certain sense of cultural values in you.
             Culture is evolutionary. It's ever changing. It's amazing how we are able to take those customs and characteristics we learn and mold them into a new form of culture we are at ease with, and then go on transmitting it from one generation to the next, making this new culture part of our lives and consequently part of who we become. But culture cannot be forced nor imposed forcefully into others.
             There are many things that help to define culture. Language and religion are two things that play very important roles in defining culture. Almost every culture has it's own language and religion, along with many other things that make it unique. .
             Language is deeply embedded into cultures. Language is the key to the cultural heritage of another people or that knowledge of another language enables people to increase their personal culture through contact with great minds and works of literature, the culture of a society includes all aspects of shared life in a community .

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