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            How the Constitution is Paralyzing American Democracy.
             We pride ourselves on being patriotic Americans, who idolize the founding members of the constitution. How many of us after the September 11th attack have put flag's and bumper stickers on our automobiles? How many of us have purchased t-shirts with patriotic sayings across the fronts and sleeves? The exact number is too many to count. Yet this nation of ours problems, despite its overwhelming number of patriots, has continued to grow and multiply over the decades. We continuously find ourselves in violent conflicts over issues that do not have anything to do with us. Political scandals are so common that they bore us, and the system in which these crooked politicians are elected has become such a rich mans game, that no longer can a regular every day American, who only wants to better this nation, run for president. Due to this Americans are realizing that they are remembering the founders of this country as flawless gods who had all the answers, and yet we curse the government that they founded. .
             I said before that this disrespect towards our own nation has begun to increase over the past decades, its origin however is not that recent at all in fact since the moment that George Washington took his place as our first president. What has changed since then however is the rate, severity, and degree, with which this disrespect has increased. .
             Both constitution worshiping and dissatisfaction in politicians has never been greater. However instead of trying to fix and rework the system with which so many are unsatisfied we try and blame everyone and everything that has anything to do with politics at the present, but never the founders. We as Americans envision the Constitution and its founders as perfect, without flaw, and therefore we see the possibility of changing the Constitution as blasphemy. In truth there was never anyway that any of the founding fathers could have ever predicted the way that this nation of ours, has grown and evolved over the centuries.

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