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Art is Everything

             Art and design make up a huge part of our culture. Every day thousands of commercials are aired, thousands of billboards are viewed, and millions of people are affected by some form of art. Art is everything. Whether it is a painting to or cartoon, Americans are constantly faced with art.
             Coming out of college with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and a major in graphic design, will give me a wide range of opportunities for jobs. This major covers studio art classes, like drawing and painting, and also includes many advanced computer courses that relate to design. With these computer courses, I will become familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya. Knowledge of these programs is required for all graphic design and animation careers (hotjobs.com). .
             This major focuses on communication of ideas visually through the use of images and typography. By majoring in graphic design, I will most likely find a career with a large commercial firm. I would like to create advertisements for products along with their logos and promotional displays. I would be required to promote a certain product or company through the use of words, images, and brochures. I would need knowledge of product management and communication skills (hotjobs.com).
             I want to work in a large city where there are more opportunities to work with larger companies. These larger companies would give me more opportunities to work with various medias, concepts, and ideas. Larger Advertising and Graphic Design firms would have a wide variety of companies to work with. These companies can range from retail to business firms.
             Even though being a graphic designer would be the prime career for me, I have also considered looking into animation and illustration. This career would still primarily be based on computer graphics, but instead of communicating ideas, I as the illustrator would have to create characters to represent a certain personality.

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