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War On Iraq

            There is much controversy surrounding Bush and the war on Iraq. Many people do not support Bush and are against his policies while many think that there has been little to no progress made in Iraq. These people have generally been identified as the Democratic party. Democrats in general also believe that the war on Iraq was not necessary and was a bad political decision made by Bush. On the other hand, many citizens believe that George Bush is doing a fabulous job while in office. The particular citizens would be grouped in with the Republican party. Republicans generally tend to support Bush and usually favorably agree with his actions. With all the argued debates over war, it is almost impossible for the United States to ever agree on one solution.
             Many citizens are republican and support the acts and decisions George W. Bush has already made on behalf of America. These people go on to believe that Suddam Hussein is an evil person and the possibility of him using nuclear weapons is a serious conflict that our nation has been presented with. It has been documented that he has killed millions of his own people as well as some of our fellow Americans. Republicans also generally believe that war on Iraq is not only necessary to secure the safety of all American citizens, but for the sake of the Iraqi people.
             Of those citizens that are not Republican, there are those who are Democrat and have a totally different viewpoint on this situation. They believe that going into Iraq and searching through there compounds will turn out to be a waste of time and effort. They feel that since it is not U.S. territory, then that U.S. should not get involved with other countries" affairs. In a way their viewpoint has indeed been proved since the UN inspectors have conducted past searches and have turned up with very little creditable evidence against the Iraqi government.
             September 11th was not the first event to trigger war with Iraq; our country has been at feud for years with Iraq.

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