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             Importance of Cloning.
             Not everyone agrees with cloning, or believes it is ethical. However, there are many important medical possibilities through the use of cloning. Such possibilities include the cure for infertility, endangered species, baldness, and reconstructive surgery. Through cloning, we also may be able to help with liver and kidney failure, leukemia, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and possibly even cancer. .
             I believe many people misunderstand cloning, and think it is used strictly for reproducing whole animals or humans. This is what I thought before doing more research. Reproducing whole human beings would be just a small portion of cloning, if made legal. The primary focus of cloning is to reproduce stem cells that would be used to grow replacement organs.
             I believe if people were more educated about cloning there would be less people opposed to it. One of the main reasons people are against cloning is that they believe someone will abuse it, by using it for purposes other than medical reasons. If everyone was educated about the possible medical breakthroughs, I do not see how anyone could be opposed to cloning. .
             Through cloning, couples who were previously unable to have children, would not be forced to adopt a child, and could have a child of there own. Often, infertile couples are discriminated against and go through a lot of mental and physical stress. "Men are made to feel like they are not real men. Women are made to feel as if they are useless barren vessels," said Simon Smith. Another problem infertile couples" face is that being infertile is not considered a "real medical problem" and insurance companies and governments are not sympathetic. "Cloning has the potential to change the world for infertile couples almost overnight." (Dr.Simon Smith).
             Many people are in favor of cloning because of its use in reconstructive, cosmetic, and plastic surgery.

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