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Simpsons VS Southpark

             Many television shows have similar goals like getting ratings and staying in the publics "eye." Both "The Simpsons" and "Southpark" have achieved this popularity but appeal to completely different audiences. Shock value, animated characters, and popularity are both major themes in each which put together has created a popularity value for each.
             The Simpsons first started as a small skit on another show called "The Tracy Ullman Show." It was on that show they were first born back in 1988 as a way to take small stabs at politics and the government using small episodes with a dysfunctional family. Soon the popularity of The Simpsons was great enough that Fox decided to branch them out into their own show. The first season of The Simpsons started in 1989 and was a great success. Still today they have seasons and specials including special guest stars from all forms of celebrities to spoofs of real people always cast in the show like Reneer Wolfcastle who has a great similarity to Arnold Swartzeneger. Their comedic style and form to be able to keep up with real life events have kept them playing regularly on Fox but also on other television stations. The Simpsons has now climbed into its 14th season with no signs of being cancelled and still holding the ratings strong.
             The Simpsons has dominated a major effect in the marketing industry with vast amounts of products. They have had everything for sale from clothing, to action figures, play houses, and even gave away an exact replica of The Simpson house built in real life for a lucky winner of a game. They have received numerous awards and nominations in all varieties of award shows. The Simpsons are known to have a staff of writers that love to poke fun at their anything but glorious network, Fox. In the process, the show is always walking on thin ice, making sure to stay just inches away from the wrong side of the line. Creator Matt Groening has made it public that he enjoys getting in a jab here and there.

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