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            The amount of racism in the world has decreased a lot since the 30's. Although organizations like the Klu Klux Klan still exist, action is rarely taken against people because of their race where I live, but an attitude sometimes still lingers for some people. Others aren't so lucky; racism is still very strong in places like Israel and South Africa.
             Back in the 30's many people were treated badly and even slaughtered for their skin color. When the great depression struck black people were blamed for white people losing their jobs and money. This of course was absurd, much like over in Germany where Jewish people were blamed for losing the war, the great depression and any other problems Hitler could think of. Black people in America were treated with no respect from most people. Few stood up to society and said it was wrong to treat people this way. They were made to go to different schools and churches. Any services were presented to them last, if at all! The Klu Klux Klan killed and bullied many. The overall quality of life for black people was very bad. .
             Now we have laws against racism in America and people wouldn't even get away with serving a person last because of their skin color. Although these laws stand some people still have a racist attitude, laws cannot control this. KKK is still at large, but not as large as it used to be. When they are caught they are put through a trial and usually convicted. However there are still killings and beatings because of racism. Black white and any other skin colors now live as one equal society despite the racial discrimination. Generally life has improved for all skin colors in America since the 30's.
             There is still a lot of racism in places other then America and Britain. Such as Israel (Jews) fighting Palestine (Muslims) for the Gaza strip. They are killing many people each day. And for what? More death and hate.

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