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             The culture of the United States and the Culture of the Indian Sub-continent are in many ways different, but it would be surprising that the cultures have many similarities. .
             The United States practices the freedom of speech, media, assembly, and petition. Not all of these freedoms are practiced in the Indian culture; in fact the Indian sub-continent practices many different ideas. They, unlike the US, take a strong stand behind non-violence and that everything you do in this life will reflect on the life of your spirit afterwards. Most of the Indian culture believes in either Buddhism or Hinduism, the two major religions of that area. These religions believe in Karma, or whatever you do in this lifetime will result in what your future holds in a following lifetime. The Hindu religion believes in reincarnation, or when you die your spirit will be born in a new living thing, it could be any living thing that is among the world. In the western world, Christianity dominates and this religion does not believe in reincarnation. Two small differences but two of many. .
             Though the Indian culture may seem so much different from the "high-tech" living style of the western world, many things remain the same in both cultures. The fact that family is very important in both cultures is important. A family represents how one's life is lived. Also, religion is very dominant over lifestyles in both cultures. They may not be similar in practices or faith, but they do show similarities in how they bring people together. .
             The Western world and the Indian culture can be very different at times, most of the time, but when it is similar, it can be very much alike. .

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