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            I loved living in Florida, the "sunshine state." I like to be able to participate in outdoor activities year round. When my junior year of high school had ended my family had decided that we needed some space from each other. They came up with the idea to find me a new place to live, a new place to call home. .
             I moved to michigan in July. The weather was warm likr the family I had moved in with. I had never been in a "normal family" setting." I had never eaten dinner in the dining room before I moved here. I felt odd and uneasy about a "family environment." I had it in my hgeads that nothing was going to change me; I didn't even think that I needed changing. I began to argue with my new family like the thunderstorms rolling off the lake. I needed a calming. I needed to cool off. These people that had taken me in had nothing to do with the problems that I had before. Why should I post blame on them for other peoples past mistakes? So I tried to settle down and settle in.
             The fall brought a changing colors, a change in my attitude at home, and a change in schools. The leaves fell like the "shell" I had put up to protcet myself from being hurt from others words. I relaxed my senior year started off well. for the first time I was an "A" student. However the fall also brought a bitter cold wind that caught me off guard. i was looked appon as being different from the people around me in school and I didn't feel welcome. There wasn't even a chance to fit in I was castout to the cold. I gave up on school. I wasn't happy in any more. .
             Winter came I thought if I tried hard enough that I could hybornate like a grizzly bear. All my efforts produced failure. I saw snow for the first time in years. It fell so gently to the ground at first that it began to pile up. I soon became rather sick of the white stuff. I applied for a job to bide my time through the winter. i didn't like the job, I didn't like the cold , I was staring not to like Michigan.

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