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             Dancing wide-eyed teenagers are raving about the newest trend of the 20th .
             Ecstasy also known as MDMA, rolls, E, or X is a growing problem in the .
             United States even though as a country our drug rate is decreasing. Ecstasy is a rising .
             drug among teens that should not be used.
             Ecstasy was first invented in 1912. It did not appear on the streets as a drug until .
             1977. Researchers then began discovering harmful side effects and ecstasy was federally .
             banned in the United States in 1985. "The legal restrictions in both the United States and .
             Britain prevent doctors from prescribing it in any circumstances." The American Drug .
             Enforcement Agency (DEA) began to investigate the possibility of bringing ecstasy .
             under legal control in the early 1980's. DEA severely restricted the use of MDMA by .
             placing it on Schedule I of controlled substances. This decision was based on research .
             studies of a closely related amphetamine MDA. MDA exposed animals developed .
             lasting damage to brain serotonin.
             Ecstasy is a psychedelic amphetamine which has the ability to produce strong .
             feelings of comfort, empathy, and connections with others. This is a scary thought .
             because people may be put into situations where they might feel uncomfortable or scared .
             had they not been under the influence of ecstasy. In pill form ecstasy usually ranges in .
             price from twenty to thirty dollars. This is not just pocket change. High School students .
             are spending their money or their parent's money on their drug habits when money could .
             be going to more important things like a college education for example. The demand of .
             the drug usually succeeds supply which creates an opening for individuals to sell .
             anything as "X". Ecstasy is notoriously unreliable in content more than most other street .
             drugs. A person could be taking what they think could be just MDMA, but in reality it .
             may contain Ketamine, MDA, Amphetamine, or other toxic substances.

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