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             I have always been very interested in art, even as a child. So when this assignment came it was very exciting for me to write about something that I have loved much. The difficult part was choosing which piece to write about. .
             I walked in to the Harn museum and went straight to the Monet, the same way I have always done since the museum got the painting. I sat on the bench and absorb the beauty of the painting. Claude Monet's "Champ d"Avoine" is in it's own exhibit. It was finished in 1890 by Monet and is now on display as a permanent feature in the Harn. It is a jubilee of subdued color. The blue, green, yellow, pink, and salmon mix together in a way that, there is no two exactly alike colors in painting. The massive tree, which takes up the corner, is a surprising mixture of green, blue, and maroon, which gives a shade like feel. The background trees are lighter hues of blue, pink, and green, which let you know that it is spring. The painting is oil on canvas and still looks wet. The title "Champ d"Avoine" means Oat (Field) and it says so on the information piece by the paining. The sky of the painting is the right shades of white and blue that gives it a serene, cloudless feel. The best place to view it is from the bench in front, it is not to close and not to far away. The gilded frame makes the painting look even more impressive and important. The paining is about two and a half feet tall and a little over that in length. It takes up its own maroon wall that matches well with that rest of the painting.
             "The Arrest" was an interesting painting the artist is Leon Golub. I am not sure when the work was completed, and the median is acrylic on linen. It is in an exhibit entitled "The Culture of Violence. The painting gives off a dirty feel, as if you were on a back alleyway in some slum city. The man being "arrested" is a tall and is wear a, dirty blue jean color, shirt and pants.

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