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Drug education

            There are many different drugs circulating in the world today. They are both legal and illegal drugs. There is no legal definition of what a drug is, but they consist of legal and illegal substances, prescription medicines and over the counter medicines. A drug is in a sense a chemical substance other than a natural food, which when ingested it will effect the central nervous system. There are a variety of categories that drugs can be listed under.
             Central Nervous System Stimulants.
             This category consists of arousal drugs, drugs that give the body a rush. These drugs stimulate your central nervous system.The central nervous system has to do with cognition (thinking), perception, emotions or mood, behaviors, and psychlogical (speed, strength, endurance, breathing, memory, reflexes, reaction time and accuracy). They include benzedrine (speed), nicotine, caffeine, dexedrine(speed), desoxyn (speed, crystal, methedrine), biphetamine (black beauties, speed), ritilan (stimulant to open focus), preludin and cocaine (coke, blow, toot, snow, lady). The effects of these drugs varies as well. They can cause more confidence in the user, a mood elevation, energy and alertness. There also more negative effects such as, less of an appetite, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, drowsiness or a delayed orgasm. There are various withdrawal symptoms as well. Such as, fatigue, prolonged sleep, depression, disorientation, suicidal thoughts, irritability to name a few. While taking these drugs one might have an adverse reaction or overdose. Symptoms that go with these are high blood pressure, high temperature, suspiciousness, bizarre behavior, hallucinations, convulsions and possible death.
             Hallucinogens are drugs that make one imagine things. They are known as fantasy drugs, where the user gets lost in his or her imagination. Hallucinations are things that don't exist, they are triggers of what you have going on in your mind.

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