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My Shot Clock

             Ten seconds left, down by one, and I"m on the free throw line shooting two shots to win the game.
             These are the kind of pressure situations that I have been faced with since the third grade. I have always been a dedicated student athlete; from participating in school sponsored events, to attending every off-season conditioning for basketball, striving to make myself better at everything that I do. I have always been an active member of the groups and teams that I have been a part of, and hope to become an active member in the student body at the University of Northern Colorado.
             I mean sure, I haven't lived an action filled "James Bond" lifestyle, but who my age has? I am an 18-year-old kid that likes to sit at home watching movies and eating popcorn with my parents, or going home after school, doing my homework, and watching "Friends" reruns with my girlfriend. But lately I have had a heavy decision to start thinking about.
             Preparing for college is something that I have really started to put a lot of time and thought into. You have no idea how many times a kid my age hears: "Picking a college is the biggest decision of your life." Well it's true; it is a decision that will influence the person that I am to become, but not only is it the biggest decision of my life, it is also the hardest. .
             Having participated in sports for about 90% of my life now, during the college selection process my athletic background played a big part in what I wanted to study. I have decided that I would really enjoy, and would excel in sports medicine, and would like to pursue a career in that field. I have several friends that are studying sports medicine at UNC, and I have talked to them about the life, teachers, and students that they come across everyday in Greeley, and have received positive feedback from all of them. .
             Unfortunately, my freshman and sophomore years I had no idea of how much my grades would influence the chances I had to get into the college I want.

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