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September 11th Attack

            The September 11th attack was not the 1st terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Eight years ago a bomb exploded in the parking garage, causing extensive damage to the Towers, but leaving them standing. The September 11 attack was the last attack; it took a lot of planning, patience, money, cool, stealth and extra ordinarily committed operatives. It was a measure of sophistication of the complex network of devout, high-spirited Islamic militants whom Bin Laden had been assembling for almost 20 years. The world trade center in New city became ground zero. The American people were petrified from this catastrophe. The media, along with everyone else were shocked and their primary goal was to transfer this catastrophic incident to the whole world. The TB media footage were instantly transferred to certain media websites, were people all over he world can connect to the net and by using state of the art technology they can view the footage of the attack as it is seen on TV using audio and visual interface programs provided by the website. It was only until the next day that the Print media had published their articles and sold them worldwide.
             All news media are related in one way or another, because they all provide the news just at different times. Some people don't really care of how they get their news just as long as they get it, read it, watch it on TV, or do both on the net. Others rely on how fast they can get their news and how efficient is that source of information; that is correct or incorrect. They like having pictures in them, because it would make the subject more clear with an image of how it truly was. The audience also like to see an article showing the point of view from two sides. All this information can be viewed in both magazines, newspapers and websites. Magazines and websites both contain text and graphics, which will make the reader more comfortable in reading the article.

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