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Andrew Jackson

             During the 1820s, both America and its political system went through a dramatic transformation. The traditional political ideals were radically reformed, and Andrew Jackson became a direct reflection of a new American political environment. There was a renewed sentiment for the "common man", and no other political figure at the time fit this mold better then Jackson. He was known for closely adhering to the Democratic ideas of the Founding Fathers, helping Jackson gathering grassroots support the new frontier West. Andrew Jackson's political ideology was revolutionary during a period dominated by aristocratic ideas, and resulted in a period of prosperity for America.
             The American dream in the 1800s, rising up from the depths of society by taking advantage of the capitalistic system enters into the upper level of society. Andrew Jackson portrayed this dream socially and economically. "His victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans made him a national hero, and southerners admired him as a Tennessee slave holder, a renowned Indian fighter, and an advocate of Indian removal.".
             The rise of Andrew Jackson triggered the minds of every person who voted for him; those in the lower segment of society related to him for his quest to raise himself in society and those already in high positions also saw him as being on their side. The fact that many people could relate to Jackson helped him in his bid for election. .
             The primary idea behind democracy is that the representatives of the people must act and make the decisions that the people themselves would make if they were able. .
             "Jackson and his supporters tended to think that the growing wealth and power of the business community might erode the equality and independence of ordinary citizens." This group feared that democracy might undergo at the rise of development. White Americans wanted to seize Indian lands since they assumed that Indians could never allocate equal rights with the white people.

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