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Pride and Prejudice

            In the novel Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austen, I was completely amazed with the characters Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and they way they interacted with one another. In order to be able to get along with each other they had to rise above their pride and prejudices and overcome all the obstacles that were thrown in their way and because of it, they fall happily in love. .
             Mr. Darcy, the wealthy, best friend of Charles Bingley who at first is proud, .
             rude, and unpleasant; but after falling in love with Elizabeth, he is shown to be discreet, shrewd, generous, and magnanimous . For example, when Mr. Bingly and he attended the first ball, Mr. Darcy encounters Elizabeth Bennet. His first impression of her was that she was of a lower class therefore she could not be pretty nor intelligent, in that case she would never even be considered worthy by Mr. Darcy. This shows Mr. Darcy's characteristics of pride, because he wouldn't consider her a respectable woman and his prejudice because he hadn't even spoken to her and was disgusted by her. .
             Elizabeth Bennet is the daughter of Mr. Bennet, whom is a fairly respectable man, not as wealthy as Mr. Bingly or Mr. Darcy otherwise considered middle class. Elizabeth is a very intelligent and independent young woman; she speaks her mind and is sometimes quick to judge. For example, Elizabeth was not impressed by Darcy's narrow mind and his pride when he refused to dance with her at the ball because she was from the lower class. She had also heard things about Mr. Darcy that made him appear as the type of man she had originally thought he was, egotistical and arrogant. She kept this opinion until she found out the truth behind it and realized he could be a gentle and amiable man. Elizabeth is a strong and self-determining woman who likes to speak her mind and when she does it makes a great impact on people. For instance, Lady Catherine de Bourgh advised strongly against the proposal Darcy made to Elizabeth and tried to convince Elizabeth that she was not good enough for her nephew Darcy.

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