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            Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a man born into an amazing musical talent. When most boys were still running away from the girls that had cooties, Mozart was composing symphonies and operas. The movie AMADEUS illustrates Mozart's life as seen by another composer, Salieri. Throughout the movie Salieri highlights many important events in Mozart's life. By just looking at these few snip-its of Mozart's life, we can figure out a lot about him and especially about some of his relationships with people. Mozart and his wife had a loving yet conflicting relationship. His father was very protective, guiding and advising of his son. Above all though, Salieri's extreme hatred bread through jealousy can be seen. All three of these relationships eventually lead to his stressful, maddening death.
             The first time we meet Mozart's wife, it is long before the two are married. They are chasing each other and rolling around in a back room during a very sophisticated event that Mozart was scheduled to perform at. They were young, with no regrets and no worries. As the movie proceeds we see this scenario change greatly. The duo gets married and Mozart comes to live near and work for the same people as Salieri. Things begin to shift when we see the girl visiting Salieri trying to hand in some of her husband's work. She pleads with him to help the family out; they need to start making money, or at least that is what she thought. During this scene we find out that Mozart does not know that she is trying to turn in his work. However, this is just the beginning of her taking over Mozart's life, she becomes more controlling and demanding of her husband as the film proceeds. Right before she ran away from him, she was ordering what pieces he should work on, when he should work, and basically how he should lead his life. During their time apart, Mozart nearly falls apart on numerous occasions. She eventually realizes that she must go back to her husband, but even then she is still demanding.

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