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            Amadeus was a world wide profound success, receiving 8 academy awards with the help of director Milos Forman, and the producer Saul Zaenty. It's not about a famous musician and his works, but about a suffering old man, Antonio Salieri, who carries the guilt of destroying an artist of music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, because of his lust for love. Transcending the two, Mozart and Salieri, are the universal themes they represent; the between God and man; the confrontation of mediocrity and genius; the difficulty of serving a God whose ways are often poor, irrational, perverse and mockingly cruel.
             This film had made me want to laugh, cry, and feel angry all at the same time. The most moving scene throughout the whole film was at Mozart's death bed. The magnificent composer, only 35, is struggling to create another master piece while lying sickly and distraught in the smuggled sheets of his bed. At the foot of the bed is Salieri carefully writing every note, making sure not to miss a beat as he is dragging Mozart to his last breath. This scene is moving not because Mozart is trying to withdrawal a final ingenious work of art so that it will illuminate how sorry his work really is.
             The movie opens with an old man yelling out his confession to the city of Vienna in the pitch of dark: "forgive me, Mozart. Forgive your assassin". He attempts to commit suicide, and is rushed to the General Infirmary building where there are sickly and neurotic suicidal patients. It is a cold and snowy out side, yet a young priest comes to hear his confession. Salieri is driven by one thing, and that is for God to give him the gift of music that he bestowed upon Mozart instead of him. In return he will give his chastity, vow himself to the church and humility if God grants him this one wish.
             The film is told in flash back form, where the old man, Salieri, is telling the priest of his life spent with Mozart, and the unfortunate ending that lead him there.

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