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Amadeus and Immortal Beloved review

            The title of the movie was Amadeus and it's based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life. The movie takes place at the end of the 18th century near the end of Mozart's short life and the setting is in Vienna. A very important part of the movie was about Antonio Salieri because he is the narrator and the one who starts the movie of Mozart and their rivalry. The movie is portrayed as a flashback of about 30 years and Antonio Salieri was the official composer of the Austrian court when we first meet Mozart. Through out the movie Mozart imagined the songs and how they would sound before he wrote them ou. Salieri greatly admired his work but was jealous of him. Salieri figured that he must kill Motzart to gain his respect back. Salieri disguises himself in a costume that Mozart's father wore before he died and pretended he was someone else to get his work. He would pay him for the work but Mozart was afraid of him not knowing it was Salieri. Motzart actually thought that Salieri didn't like him for his work because it was bad but that wasn't the case. Near the end of the movie, Mozart collapses during one of his operas and is taken to his house by Salieri. Salieri wants the work done that he asked for when he disguised himself so he got Mozart to help him finish almost to the end until Mozart dies. Salieri was not blamed for Mozart's death in the movie and Mozart was buried in hole where nobody knew where it was. Altogether the movie was very accurate. The movie showed about every important Opera that Mozart had made. This movie inferred that Mozart's talent is not just from nature because Mozart shows his passion and faith of his music by being faint with his overwork, and composing his unique and wonderful piece. Even though his work was forced by the conspiracy of Salieri, his masterpiece was great, and his contribution to public was amazing. .
             Another film is which focused on the mysterious identity of Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved.

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